Reconnecting with the land is a crucial step in the healing process. Indigenous mental health has been and continues to be impacted by layers of oppression, Communities need to identify and put a stop to lateral violence. Self reflection is necessary.

Marck Mercado

In one way or another there is/are connections between all the triangles that touch this one.

These connections make both structures and communities stronger and are fundamental to their struggles.


Indigenous health research is something that only feels right when the community wants my involvement, as an ally ( not a term I care about don’t have a good substitute word yet) I have dream an Innu tent, something the Labrador Innu use as a metaphor for many health and healing approaches.

Silvia Tenenbaum

Reconciling missed pieces withing ourselves, acknowledging the need to create a different puzzle. nowadays with the shadows of ancestors and the love and harmony of newly formed love-truth .

Julie Blair

Building strengths love using relationships with medicines and gratitude for all of creation. Making space to love ourselves and each other.

Listening, respecting and learning from each other.

Danielle Hyde

Vision and the visual. How stories would be told. the invisible visual is there in vibration. Beats with in space reclaims form in-body.  A story of breaths the clear echo of our identities exhale that which we all need. All interconnected. Dynamic relationship. Invisible picture forms vibration of healthy voice – insight in practice. Builds the clearest picture of who we are and can Be. In tune, health is in the voice o our identity carried on our stories when they are told when they are heard. We must listen, for those that is Indigenous health.


Nature, land, water creative expression. Art as a process of healing, catharsis and communication. Self love Nature land change.

The end of racism, colonization, trans phobia, homophobia, patriarchy, and misogyny … ableism …..