Heather Hanwell

In this drawing the sun, tree, land and water are connected to “life” representing how health and well-being are rooted in (re)connection to land/water.

“Life” has been written with a quill pen to represent Indigenous leadership and self determination in creating health and holistic well-being.

The quill is an Eagle feather representing Truth and the application of Indigenous knowledges , worldviews and ways which are key to achieving health holistically.


We are heart, we are land, we are unity, we are belonging , we are elemental, we are spirit, we are part of all creation , no matter how we walk we journey together. /while our ancestors watch we are loved.

Giving Space to Create

Being able to work alongside each other (Indigenous and Western) is a harmonic alliance to cultivate a balanced practice/ approach between two worlds. having the ability to respect, listen , connect and create through a meaningful process.


M. Lopez

Being broken within a system and trying to find my own path within these systems, notions, ideas of thought etc, and not being able to create “,my own” spaces within those circumstances that would allow me to flourish and be a thriving Human Being. Can I grow if those barriers will always be there to prevent me from being fed the knowledge,. love and wisdom needed?

The “ripped” or broken parts of this triangle represent a system, and the line in between represents my path, and being confined and unable to grow beyond the tape.  No path is “perfectly clear” or straight , and people grow at their own pace, however we may share stories of trauma, and inequities, hardships in life even and that should be where we start. We are all human and have so much to learn.

Pamela Angees

Indigenous health means the use of physical activity in different ways to achieve balance in holistic health. Community and love is integral for this vision to become reality. Lifestyle change is part of the vision which requires patience and understanding. It takes progress with ups and downs. Through physical activity Indigenous people can heal and feel connected to their land and identity.


Indigenous health is like a sunrise on a new day. It’s familiar, yet unfamiliar as to what the day will bring. There is always new challenges to face in Indigenous health due to it being such a new field of study due to oppression and colonization.