Welcome! to the Indigenous Summer Gathering 2017 hosted by Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health.

Based out of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, WBIIH  will offer a Summer Gathering that will look a broad range of topics in Indigenous people. The research team at the Waakebiness-Bryce is  lead by Dr. Suzanne L. Stewart. The purpose of the WBIIH is to establish, improve, and maintain relationships with Indigenous individuals, communities, and Nations, as well as with health researchers, policy makers, governments, and Indigenous scholars in Canada and internationally. The Summer Gathering 2017 is a trans-disciplinary opportunity to share, and built knowledge in western and Indigenous ways (two-eyed collaboration) to embark, continue and collaborate for Indigenous health research that is by and for Indigenous communities.

What we would like to achieve?

Objective: Offer transformative spaces and sharing opportunities to learn individual and community based Indigenous health research ethical routes to design, conduct, and share high quality of health research focused on Indigenous communities. The Summer Gathering 2017 will embrace learning as a personal journey, community related, source of happiness and fun in the interrelationality of others and nature.

Dates: August 9th & 10th

Time:  9:00 to 4:00 pm

New Venue!!!!  Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Room 208

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At the Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health, researchers and educators from across the University of Toronto work with community partners and Indigenous peoples to address the complex factors that underlie disparities in health between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

The Institute is engaged in research, education and service initiatives to overcome health challenges and evaluate interventions to prevent disease and improve health. Its scholars study health policy and administration to improve the delivery and quality of Indigenous health care, and educate Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, so that each year more Canadians and citizens of the world can recognize, reduce and eliminate health inequities.

Director Dr. Suzanne L. Stewart

Research Associate: Dr. Angela Mashford-Pringle

Research Coordinator: Juan Rodriguez

Administrative Assistant: John Wabegijik

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Heather Hanwell

In this drawing the sun, tree, land and water are connected to “life” representing how health and well-being are rooted in (re)connection to land/water. “Life” has been written with a quill pen to represent Indigenous leadership and self determination in creating health and holistic well-being. The quill is an Eagle feather representing Truth and the …


Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health

Director: Dr. Suzanne L. Stewart

Research Associate: Dr. Angela Mashford-Pringle


wbiih.dlsph at utoronto.ca

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